The Essence Album

The Essence albums are an ecomomical flush mount style albums.  Like our Magazine album but with thinner pages. Essence presents facing page designs as a single panorama print which enables us to reduce the cost of prodution without sacrifcing the quality standard that you have come to rely on us for.

Essence are fully customisable and can be designed to your required page quantity and cover materials from within TDA v 6.0.5 and above.

Available in all cover materials and enhancements
Includes Professional Colour Printing onto Traditional Silver Halide
   Photographic Paper or Epson Enhanced Matte Inkjet paper.
Includes One Colour Correction Per Spread for acurate print reproduction
Standard or Clamshell Presentation Box.


Note: Essence packages (as described in video) are no longer available. You can now order Essence albums in any quantity of pages that you require. 


Format Album Size (Inches) Album Size (cm)
Landscape 14 x 11 35 x 28
Landscape 14 x 10" 36 x 25
Landscape 10 x 7" 25 x 18
Landscape 7 x 5" 18 x 15
Portrait 11 x 14" 28 x 35
Portrait 10 x 14" 25 x 35
Portrait 7 x 10" 18 x 25
Portrait 5 x 7" 14 x 18
Square 12 x 12 30 x 30
Square 11 x 11 28 x 28
Square 10 x 10 25 x 25
Square 7 x 7" 18 x 18

Presentation Options

Clamshell boxes are available (free of charge) for 11 x 14", 10 x 14", 12 x 12" & 11 x 11" albums sizes. You can have them in either "Salt n Peppa"  or "Sable" linen materials. Personalise them with photo covers, cover embossing and logo embossing options.



Clamshell with Cover Personalising in Salt N Peppa linen.


Clamshell box with photo cover on "Sable" linen.