TDA works in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop™ to provide extensive
image editing and high resolution output facilities.

It is a cross platform program (Windows/MAC) that works by automatically
creating low resolution ‘thumbnail’ images from your high resolution original
image files. It then records all of the editing and designing changes you
make to the thumbnails during your album design.

These changes are then applied to a copy of the original high resolution
images, providing you with high resolution digital files ready for lab printing.

TDA provides you with everything you need to create and sell the ultimate
wedding album. It enables you to maximize each album sale potential
by presenting your clients with a complete virtual presentation of their
wedding album, designed into impacting page designs in a “‘what you
see is what you get” presentation. Studios using the TDA presentation
and sales system have found their word of mouth referrals have increased
due to their couples thoroughly enjoying the entire TDA experience.