The D'fine Album

An album range which presents and protects the “art”
within “fine art” media. Finally, there is an album on the
market which allows inkjet printed media to be presented
in their natural state, preserving the full glory, the impact,
the depth of detail and the luxurious tactile textures that
only inkjet printing onto fine art "rag paper" can provide.

Inkjet printing has evolved to consistently provide superb
image detail, colour saturation and a much wider tonal
reproduction than silver halide prints.

With the  “D’fine Art” album, each art piece or printed image
is elegantly presented within a white linen-embossed frame,
making each image within the album present like a mounted
wall print.

Within each page is a purpose built pocket which encases
and protects each print so that only the frames of the pages
touch when the album is closed (not the delicate inkjet print

D’fine Art pages have been specially designed to accommodate
the additional thickness (up to 310gsm) of fine art rag papers
without increasing the thickness of the page after prints have
been inserted. D’fine Art page are made using 5 separate card
components, each are glued together by hand to ensure the
highest quality construction and durability.

D’fine Art covers come non-padded (when ordered
with any of our soft cover materials (Leathers, Leatherlikes etc.).

D’fine Panorama Feature Pages

A feature page that offers the stunning impact of a single
continuous image spanning two facing pages. The D’fine
album panorama does this while still protecting the print
surfaces as described above. The panoramic print is creased
across the spine and unlike silver halide  prints, they do not
discolour at the crease. You can elect to provide us with the
panorama prints for mounting* or you can order them using
our Print & Assembly services.

P&A Services (Fine Art Printing)

We provide a complete professional Fine Art - Print and
Assembly service for this product range, allowing you
to select from eitherCanson 'BFK Rives' (medium
textured) or Canson 'Rag Photographique' smooth
archival papers.

* This service is not available through all or our participating
Print and Assembly labs.


Format Cover Size Print Size
Landscape 17 x 14" 14 x 11"
Landscape 16 x 12" 14 x 10"
Portrait 12 x 16" 10 x 14"
Square 14 x 14" 11 x 11"