Pre-Design Process

1. Import all images into the (IMAGE MANAGER screen). We recommend that you place all images taken on the day (even if from different cameras) within one single folder on your hard drive.

2. Rotate all images.

3. Review and Trash all unwanted images (images are not physically deleted, you can open the Trash folder and drag an image back into use at any time).

4. Drag the images into sort folders in the sequence required to enable easier handling of large quantities of images.

Design Process

1. Select the album style and size required (ALBUM SELECTION screen).

2. Design the album cover and choose a page colour. (COVER DESIGNER screen).

3. Design the album pages. (PAGE DESIGNER screen).

4. Design layered collage feature (panorama) pages. (DIGITAL DESIGNER screen) optional.

Client Review

1. Present your design to your client.

2. Edit and change the album order to their requirements.

3. Send a ‘pre-order’ of the album to engage TDA’s output facilities (print reports and image output facilities).

4. Print the album report.

5. Have your client sign the album report as confirmation of the order.

Post Design

1. Confirm the album order.

2. Output High Resolution images ready for lab printing.

Album Assembly

1. Assemble album with prints upon return of both.