The Designer Album

Designer albums are the world’s first hybrids, incorporating
both mat style pages and flush-mount pages within the same
album. TDA technology enables you to custom design every
part of every Designer album.

Each page is a framed pocket in which a standard or custom
designed mat slips into. It provides an elegant and formal
environment for image presentation. Designer (and our D.I.Y.)
albums provide the most robust spines of all wedding albums
on the market today.

A special lip mechanism joins the entire length of  facing pages
which all but eliminates lateral movement between the pages
and minimises wear and tear on the page surface.

The rounded library binding provides a subtle reminder of quality
and craftsmanship. It ensures that the pages lay flat regardless
of where the book is opened or how many pages it contains.


Format Cover Size Size Reference
Landscape 17 x 14" Mark 1
Landscape 16 x 12" Mark 4
Portrait 14 x 17" Mark 1
Portrait 12 x 16" Mark 4
Square 17 x 17" Mark 2
Square 16 x 16" D
Square 14 x 14" A
Square 11 x 11" B
Square 9 x 9" C