Album designing is a very subjective art and one of the most labour
intensive services that a professional studio provides. Many studios
now outsource this service to experienced professionals.

Albums Australia offers you two different services.

1. Custom Album Designs

A highly customised design service where all page designs are created
manually using Photoshop and very high skilled artist.

2. Template Album Designs

An economical design service which utilises a vast library of templates
to dramatically reduce the labour (and cost) required to create great
looking album pages.

How To Get Started

Download and read the Album Design Service User Agreement. fax
or email the registration form back to us. We will forward you details
on how to upload your images via our secure FTP transfer.

For more information call our Customer Service on +61 3 9575 0800.

Please Note: This service is only available to Albums Australia clients.


To download the Album Design User Guide click on the Login button
above and navigate to Service Support > Album Design.

Click here to view samples.